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Camden CCG was established in shadow form in 2012 and formally authorised in 2013, meaning that 2016/17 marks our fourth full year of working with the people of Camden to deliver the best healthcare for all. Our vision has not changed since we formed, and informs our core purpose, values and the objectives of our Business Plan, which can be downloaded on this page.

The CCG is led by our Governing Body, which includes GPs, other clinicians and lay members with many years' experience caring for Camden residents. Our constitution outlines the principles by which we work and the rules and processes that we follow. NHS England is responsible for making sure we meet national standards, set out in the Health and Social Care Act 2012, the NHS Constitution and the NHS Outcomes Framework.

We are a clinically led and member driven CCG, with the 35 GP practices in Camden making up our membership and working alongside us to make decisions about how best to deliver health and care service across the borough. Our patient and public engagement also represents a core part of our business operations and ensures that we are working jointly with the people of Camden.

We listen to all the information shared with us from the people who use the services we commission and the many dedicated professionals who work to deliver them, to shape our plans. In the last year, we have explored new ways of working and have worked extensively with all partners to create our Local Care Strategy. More information on this can be downloaded from this page.

Camden’s population continues to grow and change in new ways, with a predicted increase of around 22,600 people by 2029 and the biggest growth expected in the over 60s. This represents a growing pressure on local health and care services. In response to these challenges we are focused on transformative programmes, including working with our frail elderly and child populations, those with long term conditions and mental health.

In North Central London, funding is not increasing in proportion to the needs of our population. Therefore Camden CCG is building a strong foundation with partners across these boroughs, via the NCL Sustainability and Transformation Plan, to target limited resources going forward to areas where the best outcomes for our population can be achieved.  We have agreed a shared NCL commissioning plan and financial plan, and moving forward, will be part of a joint committee with NCL CCGs that will jointly commissioning acute services, specialised services not commissioned by NHS England, and all integrated care (for example, out of hours contracts and NHS 111).

Our Annual Report and Accounts 2015/16 provides a detailed summary of how we delivered our statutory duties last year. Our Key Achievements 2015/16 summarises highlights delivered by different teams, with our partners. Both of these documents are available in the download section on this page.


How NHS Services are Commissioned and How the Money Flows (The Kings Fund 2018):






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