Free online mental health support launched in Camden

It’s a fact that one in four of us will experience a mental health problem during our lives.

It can be difficult and confronting for people to talk about their mental health, usually for fear of what others may think, and asking for help is not always easy.

Big White Wall, an online support tool, makes sure that Camden residents now have a way to chat online about their mental health problems such as stress, depression, loneliness or anxiety.

Dr Thomas Das Mental Health Programme Lead at Camden CCG and local GP said:

“Big White Wall provides online support, allowing people to share what’s on their mind with other people who may be experiencing similar difficulties, while remaining anonymous.

“Through support from their peers, self-help courses and group programmes, members are encouraged to find ways to better manage their daily lives.”

Big White Wall is free for all residents in Camden aged over sixteen and is accessed simply by entering your Camden postcode at

There are no waiting lists and the tool is available 24/7. It is professionally staffed by trained counsellors at all times, providing help and support to its members at whatever time that suits them – day or night.

Jen Hyatt, CEO and Founder of Big White Wall said:

“We know that talking about mental health problems can sometimes be hard, but that doesn’t mean that people have to struggle alone. Having the opportunity to share your story anonymously with other people who have had similar experiences or having someone to listen without judgement can provide very real relief.”

As well as having access to the peer support component, residents over the age of 18 can also receive online one-to-one therapy using audio, webcam and instant messaging. This service is not anonymous – some basic personal details are required – but is administered in a secure environment.

Dr Das said:

“That’s why we’ve funded Big White Wall in Camden. The service not only helps to break down stigma around accessing mental health services, it also gives people the opportunity to take control of their own health, allowing them to feel better, sooner.”

Camden CCG has invested in a number of services which offer variety and choice to people across Camden, meaning they can seek out the service that best meets their mental health needs. More information about all of these services is available on the Camden CCG website at