Consultation on acute mental health day care services in Camden

The NHS and local Government are facing increasing financial pressures nationally, with a gap in funding for both health and social care. In Camden, the money we receive from the government is reducing, while demand for local services is increasing. This means we need to make sure every pound we spend has the maximum benefit for the health of, and the quality of care for, Camden patients. It has been essential to review our care provision, to check what is working well, but also to see if there are new ways of delivering high quality, cost-effective care within very tight budgets

We have identified our local Mental Health Acute Day Units as an area where cost savings are possible, whilst still providing Camden residents with appropriate, timely and quality care. The reason these services have been identified is because they are being underused.

We are now consulting to gather the views of Acute Day Unit service users, health professionals and members of the public regarding proposed changes.

In Camden there are currently two Mental Health Acute Day Units offering care for patients with urgent mental health needs:

  • Jules Thorn (based on the St Pancras Hospital site)
  • Daleham Gardens (near Swiss Cottage and Finchley Road) 

In addition, the Highgate Day Centre (near Kentish Town station) provides care for residents with less urgent, often longer-term, needs.

Jules Thorn is well used but Daleham Gardens is half-full, most of the time. We know that some patients using Daleham Gardens could be better supported by other services. We are also aware the Highgate Day Centre has capacity to care for more residents with less urgent, longer-term needs through a newly developed programme. As such, we are considering two options within the public consultation for future services that will make them sustainable: 

1.   Strengthen Acute Care at the Jules Thorn unit, support more people to access Highgate Day Centre and close the Daleham Garden Unit (this is Camden CCG and C&I’s preferred    option)


2.  Strengthen Acute Care at the Daleham Gardens Unit, support more people to access Highgate Day Centre and close the Jules Thorn Unit. 

The proposed changes would not result in an overall reduction in the treatment or services available in Camden. Our aim is to ensure mental health care is delivered at the right time and in the most appropriate setting.

Option 1 is our preferred option that is to continue to offer an Acute Day Unit in Camden at Jules Thorn as this is a more accessible location for the majority of residents. 

Get involved and take part in our survey on Citizens Space, open to 10 January 2018 or by attending a local event where you can speak to commissioners about the proposals.