Camden CCG Locality Committees, February 2017: Primary care services, a focus on supporting people at home, and future Camden workforce mapping

Camden CCG meets regularly with the 35 Camden general practices at three Locality Committees: North (13 practices), West (6 practices) and South (16 practices). A member of the Camden Patient and Public Engagement Group (CPPEG) is affiliated with each Locality Committee and advocates for Camden residents. This month the South Committee met on Wednesday 15 February and the North and West met as a ‘committee-in-common’ on Thursday 16 February 2017. The following items were discussed: 

  • General practices receive funding from NHS England to provide a ‘core’ set of services to patients. Camden CCG has been working with general practices in recent months to agree what ‘additional’ services would be the most beneficial for Camden residents. This work has identified 10 additional services, which the CCG will fund practices to deliver. These will be called the ‘Universal Offer’ because every Camden resident will be able to access the 10 services. The Committees discussed the introduction of the Universal Offer in April 2017 and how practices will have a period of six months to ensure their patients have access to these services. Some practices will deliver all of the services themselves and some will look to work collaboratively with neighbouring practices. As always, Camden practices will ensure their patients have information on all the services that are available to them.
  • Camden Council and the CCG are working closely together on the Camden Local Care Strategy and the ‘Supporting People at Home’ programme is an important part of this work. The project leads attended to discuss early plans with members, looking at health and social care services in the home and how we can deliver these to holistically meet a person’s needs and deliver patient-focused outcomes. We will be looking at services such as district nursing, home care, community physiotherapy and end of life care, over the next three years. We will be working with partners to develop the local home care workforce, through training and career progression opportunities. One of the first projects will be procuring home care services and reablement services this year.
  • A healthcare workforce mapping project is underway in Camden. The leads discussed the aims and next steps with members. The project will map the impact that planned service transformation will have on local workforce requirements, across local Trusts, primary care and community care services etc. Tools will also be produced to help general practices test out staff resource requirements of different scenarios (e.g. introducing a new service). Practices were asked to let the team know what tools would be most useful.
  • A range of items to note were discussed, including the James Wigg Practice being awarded ‘Paediatric Clinical Team of the Year’ at the General Practice Awards 2017. The Camden CCG Governing Body elections are open and attendees were invited to nominate themselves for the six GP and one practice nurse clinical positions available. 

For information on how to get involved in developing and improving health services in Camden, please visit the Camden CCG website.