Camden Annual Report and Accounts 2016-17 Published Today

In 2016-17, we worked alongside our member practices to make decisions about how best to deliver health and care service across the borough, and listened closely to the people who use the services we commission and the many dedicated professionals who work to deliver them.

Through collaborative working we saw a number of success stories last year, including receiving an ‘outstanding’ rating for diabetes under the NHS England CCG Improvement and Assessment Framework. We were also assessed as performing well in dementia and maternity care. In the areas identified as ‘needs improvement’ - Cancer, Learning Disabilities and Mental Health – much work was done to drive improvement. The Annual Report outlines the work we focused on in these areas, and the positive results already being seen.

Camden CCG was only able to maintain financial balance in 2016-17 by making some difficult decisions. Looking forward, 2017/18 will be even more challenging. The funding made available to Camden CCG has and will significantly reduce in real terms, with minimal growth to 2020-21, at the same time as inflationary cost increases and increasing demand due to demographic changes. In 2017-18, the CCG must deliver £24m of savings through Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention (QIPP) plans.

In response to this challenge last year we worked with partners on transformation programmes, most significantly our Local Care Strategy and the North Central London Sustainability and Transformation Plan (NCL STP), and will continue to do so.

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