Camden patient and public engagement group (CPPEG)

The Camden Patient and Public Engagement Group (CPPEG) supports Camden CCG to make sure patients, carers, voluntary/community groups and local residents can play a role in our planning, decision making and the delivery of our work. 

CPPEG is made up of representatives from local general practice patient participation groups (PPGs). 

12 PPG members are elected by general practice PPG members and can serve 2 terms (a term lasts for 3 years). The Chair of CPPEG is an elected PPG member who is in turn elected by members of CPPEG. 

The rest of the membership of the group consists of representatives from Healthwatch Camden, Camden Carers Service, Voluntary Action Camden, Camden Disability Action and Age UK Camden and CCG staff (Vice Chair of the CGG, Head of Communications and Engagement and the Senior Engagement Manager). 

The role of the elected PPG members on CPPEG and the internal committees listed below ensures that we are involving the public in governance of the CCG and we meet our values of being open and transparent. The PPG members also assist us in ensuring that improvements are implemented where required and hold local health and social care providers to account. 

The elected PPG members have positions on the following committees at the CCG and members present their reports on decision taken and action at each CPPEG operational meetings as standing items for discussion. 

  • Governing Body meetings (the CPPEG Chair (elected PPG member) has a seat at the meeting and presents a patient story).
  • General Practice Locality Committees (North, South & West localities).
  • Finance & Performance Committee (CPPEG rep has voting rights).
  • Integrated Commissioning Committee (CPPEG rep has voting rights).
  • Procurement Committee (CPPEG rep has voting rights).
  • Local Care Delivery Board.
  • Integrated Care Partnership Group.
  • Quality and Safety Committee.
  • Clinical Quality Review Committee (CNWL).
  • Clinical Quality Review Committee (UCLH).
  • The Clinical Cabinet.
  • Medicine Management Committee. 

The PPG members produce bi monthly reports on what is happening within the committees which are disseminated to the general practice PPGs via the patient newsletter and made available on the public website and social media @camden_ccg

CPPEG holds 6 operational and 4 open/public meetings annually. The Patient Participation Group forum meetings are reference via the PPG forum webpage

Since the 1 April 2018 the following has been discussed: 

Please note that the above CPPEG member committee reports are discussed and approved at each CPPEG operational meeting as standing items. The elected Chair of CPPEG also chairs the CPPEG operational and open meetings. Since the 1 April 2018 the following topics were also presented and discussed.

CPPEG Operational Meetings 2018/19
Tuesday 8 May 2018
  1. Sarah Mansuralli, Chief Operating Officer presented Adult Commissioning Service, Operating Model & Mobilisation of MSK Services
  2. Vanessa Cooke, Senior Commissioning Manager – Primary Care presented General Practice Universal Offer update
Tuesday 10 July 2018
  1. Rachael Clarke, Head of Medicines Management and Dr Philip Taylor, Elected Governing Body representative presented Over the Counter Medicines (Guidance update)
  2. Vanessa Cooke, Senior Commissioning Manager – Primary Care presented GP Neighbourhood outcomes achievement 17/18
  3. Martin Emery, Communications and Engagement Team presented CPPEG election process – Role of CPPEG Chair

Additional Meeting in July (2) to hold an in-depth discussion with the QIPP team in relation to the plan for 2018/19 

  1. Sally MacKinnon, Director of Transformation, Planning & Delivery presented Quality, Innovation, Productivity & Prevention (QIPP) Plan - 2018/19 
Tuesday 11 September 2018
  1. Vanessa Cooke, Senior Commissioning Manager – Primary Care presented Locally commissioned primary care services (from April 2019)
  2. Tom O’Gorman, Project Manager, Camden CCG and Monica Riveros, Services Manager - Age UK Camden presented Care Navigation and Social Prescribing
  3. Rhona Hobday, Programme Manager and Colin Beesting, Communications & Engagement Lead presented Review of adult elective orthopaedic care in North Central London
  4. Martin Emery, Communications and Engagement Team presented Future election for the role of Chair
Tuesday 6 November 2018
  1. Marium Uddin, Youth Participation Officer Fitzrovia Youth in Action presented Camden Young People Champions (healthcare issues that are important to young people in Camden
  2. Meena Mahil, Integrated Care Programme Director presented Developing an integrated model of primary and community care for Camden
  3. Paul Davis, Senior Manager, Community Commissioning and Delivery presented Phase 1 review of CNWL adult community services and what happens next
  4. Vanessa Cooke, Senior Commissioning Manager – Primary Care presented Primary care locally commissioned services for 2019 and beyond
Monday 14 January 2019
  1. Neeshma Shah, Director of Quality and Clinical Effectiveness & Dr Philip Taylor, Governing Body Elected GP Representative presented NHS England consultation on Items which should not routinely be prescribed in primary care: 28/11/18 to 28/02/19
  2. Vanessa Cook, Head of Primary Care presented Primary care - locally commissioned services for 2019 and beyond?
  3. Katherine Ayers, Head of Communications (Moorfields) presented Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (Moorfields City Road Site – potential move to St Pancras Hospital Site)
  4. Martin Emery, Communications and Engagement Team presented the NHS Long Term Plan

A CPPEG operational catch up meeting was held after the open meeting. The following topics were discussed.

  1. Hilary Lance and Kathy Graham - Harrison (CPPEG members) presented Camden Inter-Great Simulation Event - 31 January
  2. 2. Martin Emery, Communications and Engagement Team presented an update on upcoming Procurements in Primary Care a) Brunswick Medical Centre & b) Extended GP access.
CPPEG Open/Public Meetings 20/19
Tuesday 12 June 2018
  1. Lisa Anderton, Head of Patient Experience, University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust presented Patient Experience at UCLH
  2. Kathy Elliott, Vice Chair, Camden Clinical Commissioning Group presented NHS Birthday Celebrations (70th)
  3. Beth Nelson, Data Quality Facilitator, Camden Clinical Commissioning Group presented Increasing the utilisation of Patient Online (POL) & the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS)
NHS 70 Birthday Party - Thursday 12 July 2018

Camden CCG hosted an NHS 70 Birthday (Public Party)

  1. Short Film 70 years of the NHS
  2. Martin Emery, Communications and Engagement Team facilitated the World Café exercise (what is good, could be improved and should health services look like in 2025).
  3. Dr Neel Gupta, General Practitioner and Chair of Camden CCG gave the Closing address
Tuesday 7 August 2018
  1. Dr Vincent Kirchner, Medical Director, Camden and Islington Foundation Trust presented proposals for change to the Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust estate
  2. Murat Ozcelik, Director, Community Matters presented Camden Community Education Providers Network (CEPN): promoting and supporting self-care for people with Long Term Health Conditions in Camden
  3. Simeon Baker, Head of Communications and Engagement presented Camden CCG – Citizens Panel update
Tuesday 11 December 2018
  1. Anna Wright, Deputy Director – Policy Lead Healthwatch Camden & Linda Bernard, Reception Manager at Brondesbury Medical Centre presented Accessible Information Standards – Practical Support Visits for Camden GP Practices
  2. Mollie Stockhill, Diabetes Prevention Facilitation Officer & Angharad Shambler ICS Health & Wellbeing presented the National Diabetes Prevention Programme in Camden

3. Eli Collis, CPPEG Representative and Martin Emery, Communications and Engagement Team, NHS Camden CCG presented Self-Care, managing your help better

Tuesday 12 February 2019
  1. Vincent Kirchner, Medical Director, Camden & Islington NHS Foundation Trust presented St Pancras Hospital Site Consultation Findings – (Camden & Islington NHS Foundation Trust
  2. Katherine Ayers, Senior Communications Manager, Strategic Programmes, Moorfields Eye Hospital presented Moorfields Eye Hospital - Consultation Programme
  3. Helena Quinn, Mental Health Commissioning Manager (London Borough of Camden – NHS Camden CCG presented A new Mental Health Crisis café (update)


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