Camden citizens' panel

Citizens Panel

Camden CCG has established a Citizens Panel to help us gather Camden residents’ insight and opinion on local health and care. 

It is made up of more than 1,200 Camden residents who are representative of the borough’s population, including people of varying age, gender, geographical area within Camden, ethnicity, socio-economic status, mental health conditions, physical health conditions and learning disabilities. 

If you select the member profile you will be able to view the demographics of the panel. You can view the You Said – We did – What Difference Did it Make page to see highlights of the changes that resulted from listening to the patients, representatives from the voluntary sector and local residents. For a more in-depth view you can view the bi-monthly Patient Voice Reports that are presented at the Governing Body public meetings.  

In relation to the worksheets that you can view – a summary of the content is listed below 

Worksheet 1 (frequency breakdown provided by age – gender and ethnicity)

Worksheet 2 & 3 (age comparison of citizens panel members compared with local population)

Worksheet 4 (gender comparison of citizens panel members compared with local population)

Worksheet 5 (ethnicity comparison of citizens panel members compared with local population)

Worksheet 6 (acorn socio economic comparison of citizens panel members compared with local population)

Worksheet 7 (ONS classifications with local population)

Worksheet 8 (Minority chart classifications with local population)

Worksheet 9 (Wellbeing classification with local population) 

Camden CCG can engage with the members of the panel in many ways, including online surveys, focus groups etc. The panel will help to ensure we can regularly seek the views of a representative sample of Camden residents on local health and social care issues, and in our planning. 

The Citizens Panel complements and expands other Camden patient representative groups, such as Camden Patient & Public Engagement Group (CPPEG), practice Patient Participation Groups (PPGs), Patients Advisory Board and the Mental Health Service User and Carer Group. 

Since April 2018 the panel has been involved in a number of activities such as: 

  • CCG Winter Pressures Campaign - panel members were involved with assisting the winter health and care campaign and attended events with the general public where healthcare professionals (pharmacist, GP, London Ambulance Service Paramedic’s) spoke about how together we can stay well this winter and use NHS services appropriately. There was also market stalls providing general health information and information about local groups such as Camden Carers Service and Healthwatch Camden.
  • Student Higher Education Health and Wellbeing Campaign – panel members were recruited to help with promoting health and wellness with students on 4 university sites in Camden promoting local GP services and mental health services as well using NHS services appropriately.
  • Surveys – panel members received surveys throughout the year (e.g. Self-care survey before and after inventions promoting self-care)
  • Pre-engagement Consultations and Formal Public Consultations – panel members were approached during public consultations and asked for their views and invited to public meetings (e.g. St Pancras Hospital Site Public Consultation, Moorfields Eye Hospital – pre engagement consultation and North Central London Adult Elective Orthopaedic Review) 

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