Camden CCG works with our statutory partners to promote the safety and wellbeing of vulnerable adults and children who may be at risk of being abused, neglected or exploited, and to safeguard them from harm.

Camden CCG is a member of the Camden Safeguarding Children Board (CSCB) and the Camden Safeguarding Adults Partnership Board (CSAPB). As members of these boards, we work in partnership to fulfil shared safeguarding responsibilities and to ensure that there are effective NHS safeguarding arrangements across the local health community.

What to do if you are worried a child, young person or vulnerable adult is being abused

If you have concerns about the safety or welfare of a child you should contact the Camden Social Care team using one of the links on the right of this page, or in an emergency dial 999.

Safeguarding children

Protecting children and young people is everyone’s responsibility. All children and young people are entitled to be protected from abuse and neglect.

You can find out more about safeguarding children here.

Safeguarding adults

Some adults are more at risk of abuse than others. This may be because they are less able to take care of themselves or protect themselves from harm, or because they depend on others for their care. It may be because they lack the mental capacity to make certain decisions.

You can find out more about safeguarding adults here.