How we commission services

How we commission services

Camden CCG buys local healthcare services on behalf of our local population. This includes hospital services, mental health services, community-based services and some primary care services, linked to your GP.

Each year we outline the services we plan to buy based on the needs of the people living in Camden. We also highlight how we plan to meet national priorities, through the annual operating plan (available in the downloads). We send this detailed document to NHS England to they are assured that we have planned and budgeted adequately for the year to achieve the best health outcomes for the people of Camden.

Our business plan, sets out our business objectives for the year and how we are going to achieve them.

Camden CCG also publishes its Commissioning Intentions each year. This is a prioritised list of commissioning decisions or actions it will make during the next financial year. This may include buying a new service, or for existing services, redesigning or de-commissioning them.

When we’re considering introducing or changing a service, we follow the commissioning ‘cycle’ – represented in the diagram below. This starts with selecting, which services to purchase or change to best meet the needs of the people in Camden. Through every stage of the cycle, we work closely with our members, partners and service users to make sure we get the planning right.

Commissioning Cycle graphic

A range of different organisations (sometimes called ‘providers’) deliver healthcare services we commission, such as hospitals, general practices and health centres. We have a contract for each service that we’re paying an organisation to deliver. We monitor how they are delivering the service throughout the year – or the life of the contract. This is to make sure a high quality service is provided, which offers value for money and improves the health and wellbeing of the people in Camden.  

Our vision and mission identifies the delivery of safe, effective and responsive services as our most important responsibility. Every patient should receive services that are safe, high quality and place their wellbeing at the heart of them, and this is articulated in the NHS Constitution.

Working in partnership

The CCG does not make its commissioning decisions on its own and works in partnership with the London Borough of Camden through the Health and Wellbeing Board, NHS England, local healthcare providers, public health colleagues and many other organisations. Camden CCG also works closely with patients, service users and other members of the public in its commissioning cycle, in particular through its Camden Patient and Public Engagement Group.

Homeopathic remedies

Our commissioning policy Procedure of limited clinical effectiveness (PoLCE) does not permit routine local NHS funding of homeopathic remedies (including Iscador). 

As University College London Hospitals (UCLH) is located within the geographical boundaries of Camden CCG, we are the lead commissioner for Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine. 

UCLH is contractually bound by the terms set by Camden CCG. Other CCGs - responsible for commissioning services for their patients - have signed up to the conditions of this contract (including the PoLCE policy).  

The Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine has taken steps to ensure that they are adhering to our commissioning policy; part of this has included providing information on purchasing medicines with a private prescription from their and other homeopathic pharmacies.

For information about Individual Funding Requests (IFR) in cases of exceptionality, please contact your local CCG.

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